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Institut Universitaire Européen, Italie

Institut Universitaire Européen, Italie
Colloque international « Europe in crisis »
15 janvier 2010

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The roots of the present crisis
Matthias Roick
Where have all the Experts gone? A historian’s look at the Krugmann controversy

Andreas Nijenhuis
The Low Lands at war. Religious conflict and confessional coexistence in the Dutch Republic (16th-17th century)

Mikael Jalving
Europe in Crisis - Permanently

Francesca Fauri
The oil crisis and its economic consequences on the European Community and Italy

Friday, 15 January 2010 European University Institute, Villa Schifanoia

Europe in crisis: The normative and cultural dimension
Javier Ramos Diaz
Globalisation, crisis and EU’s dilemma – redefinition or irrelevancy?

Paul Blokker
The crisis of constitutionalism in the new Europe

Agata Dziewulska
Crisis of representation – crisis of democracy

Paolo Bernardini
The Nations without a State and the Future of the Left

Lorella Cedroni
Europe in Crisis: a cultural decadence - Some Suggestions for a European Politics of Culture

The crisis and the Global and European financial sector

Pedro Texeira
Towards a new regulatory model for the single European financial market

Pompeo Della Posta
The euro in the international monetary system after the recent financial and economic crisis

Simona Talani
The impact of the global crisis on the City of London: Will the UK finally join EMU?

Domenica Tropeano
Monetary policy in the United States and in Europe after the crisis: a comparison

Dmitri Boreiko
Dependent credit rating transitions and empirical estimates for event Correlations

The global crisis and policy making

Albrecht Rothacher
The EU's foreign policies - In crisis without end

Sandrine Labory
Economic Crisis and Industrial Policy

Tindara Addabbo
The effect of the financial crisis on the Italian and USA labour markets

Dario Togati
On the Positive Relation between Welfare, Competitiveness and Growth. A Theoretical Justification

Europe in crisis: A view from the East

Milica Uvalic
Central and Southeast European Economies in Crisis

Kristian Kjeldsen
Europe in crisis – the costs of being a pre-in

Serena Giusti
"Russia in crisis: implications for Europe"

Jens Bastian
External Anchors to the Rescue: Reaching out in a Time of Economic and Financial Sector Crises in South Eastern Europe

End of Conference - Dinner